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Fee Guide

The fees in our clinic are based on some simple and transparent criteria which include these factors:

Complexity and type of the treatment provided

Quality of the material used and the equipment needed

Experience and skills of the person providing the treatment

Emergency Consultation (This doesn’t include the fee for treatment). £95.00 
Small Tooth Digital X-Ray £20.00
OPG Panoral full mouth Digital X-Ray £50.00
Email Copies of Digital X-Rays Free
Issue of prescription £10.00
Dispense of antibiotics in Emergency £30.00
Temporary Fillingfrom£60.00
Temporary Dressingfrom£69.00
Re-cementation of Crownfrom£90
Re-cementation of Bridgefrom£121.00  
Re-cementation of Veneerfrom£121.00
Same/Next day Denture Repairfrom£295.00
Same/ Next Day New Immediate Denturefrom£495.00
Teeth Splintingfrom£195.00
White Fillingfrom£99.00
Root Canal Treatment 1-Stage (Pulp extirpation)from£225.00
Simple Extraction/ Removal of Toothfrom£195.00
Complex Extraction of Toothfrom£350.00
Complex Extraction with Specialistfrom£495
Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction with Specialistfrom£695
Lower Wisdom Tooth Extraction with Specialistfrom£795
Fixed wire retainer repairfrom£99

Re-cementation may not be possible if the crown, veneer or bridge is damaged.

*  There is £100-£200 additional fee for surgical extractions.

Please note:

These fees are only a guide.

Every patient is different hence each patient’s fees will reflect their individual needs.

We will give you a personalized dental report and treatment plan with the respective fees after your initial examination.

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