Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity is among the most common dental problems experienced by members of the public, but it remains extremely unpleasant. Sensitive teeth cause patients to experience discomfort in their teeth caused by the consumption of hot, cold or sweet food and drinks. Most people will find they feel nothing more than a light twinge in their tooth when suffering from this problem, but others will experience a sharp shooting pain that can last for a number of hours and could require treatment from a dental professional. image 26

The Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

Finding a solution for the issue of tooth sensitivity is largely dependent on the cause and extent of the issue. However, there are a number of courses of action that can be taken to prevent the problem from worsening.

These include:

A dental professional may use a desensitising product to relieve the painful symptoms experienced by those suffering from the problem.

Alternatively, a fluoride rinse of gel is often utilised every one or two weeks to reduce the extent of the issue while building up protection around each of the affected pearly whites.

Some dentists may use a filling in the area where the gum and tooth meet that will effectively cover any exposed dentine

Root canal treatment can be utilised in extreme cases where none of the other alternatives have been successful.

Individuals who are suffering from sensitive teeth as a result of a new amalgam filling will often find the feeling naturally ease after a few weeks, but those with persistent signs are urged to visit their dentist and ask for the installation to be polished to resolve the issue.

Similarly, if the problem is caused by teeth grinding, a dentist is likely to investigate different methods that can be used to treat the original problem with the feelings of sensitivity likely to disappear as the main problem is treated.

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Prevention of Teeth Sensitivity

Although it is extremely common among individuals of all ages, this issue is one that can be easily prevented with just a few simple steps that can be carried out without assistance from a professional. 

Good Oral Hygiene – Individuals who brush and floss their teeth every day, while ensuring they clean all areas of their teeth and mouth evenly, are usually at a reduced risk of developing the problem.

However, these people are advised to use their toothbrushes gently – particularly around the gum line – to prevent the onset of sensitivity. An effective way of checking the effectiveness of this technique is to consult the bristles of the implement after use – if they are pointing in different directions, it is possible the owner is applying too much pressure.

Changing Diet – By cutting down on highly acidic food such as citrus fruits, patients may find they can enjoy many of their favourite foods without any pain. Similarly, people who do drink citric juices should use a straw to limit the exposure of the teeth to the liquid.

Additionally, reducing the intake of sugary foods and fizzy drinks can also assist in limiting the risk of developing this issue.

Change Toothbrush – A soft-bristled toothbrush is far less likely to remove protective enamel from the teeth, while changing the implement once every three months can improve overall oral hygiene. 

Use a Mouth Guard – For many, teeth sensitivity can develop due to bruxism – so these individuals are advised to use such an appliance to control these actions when they are asleep.

Patients who are considering improving the appearance of their smile through teeth whitening procedure should discuss the possibility they will develop the problem with a dental professional, who will prepare them for the sensitivity and offer advice. In most cases, tooth sensitivity can be prevented by following an effective oral hygiene routine that is carried out on a daily basis. Doing so can mean individuals are free from a wide selection of ailments and enjoy a bright, white smile for as long as possible.

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