Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums and gums infections are usually preventable with an effective daily oral hygiene routine and regular hygienist visits. Gum infections are caused by a build-up of bacteria that has collected as plaque around teeth. If plaque is left on teeth for a long period of time and allowed to mature, gum infections can develop. However, when gum infections occur, it is usually treated by seeing regular dentist or Emergency Dentist Edinburgh. image 25

Symptoms of a Bleeding Gum Infections

Accessing Emergency Dental Care in Edinburgh City

Emergency Dentist Edinburgh is an appointment based private dental service to help all patients get the high-quality care they need to feel better right away. Get in touch with us by phone or email and we can arrange an appointment with one of our caring and experienced dentists to assess your oral health.

Types of Gum Disease

There are two types of gum disease:

Gingivitis occurs when the gums become inflamed. In gingivitis, the damage is reversible with treatment. The treatment for gingivitis involves seeing a hygienist for teeth cleaning.

Periodontitis develops if gingivitis is left untreated for a period of time. In Periodontitis bone loss occurs and this is irreversible. The treatment for Periodontitis involves seeing a Specialist Periodontist for deep teeth cleaning under local anaesthetic. If Periodontitis is left to progress, it can cause the loss of the bone that anchors the teeth in the jaw, causing teeth to become loose and lead to eventual loss of teeth.

Treatment for Bleeding Gum Infections

Professional cleaning of teeth and an effective daily oral hygiene regime is often enough to treat gum disease. You will first need to see one of our dentists for an assessment of your gums. The treatment will involve seeing either the hygienist or specialist Periodontist, depending on the severity of the disease.

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