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Feeling Anxious About the Dentist?

Does your heart start racing at the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair? You’re
not alone. Approximately 40 million adults in the United States experience some level of dental phobia. This article offers tips for managing dental anxiety so you can take control of your fear.

Understanding Dental Anxiety

Anxiety related to dental work often stems from a feeling of lost control or memories of unpleasant past experiences. Common triggers include injections, drills, pain, smells or even simple medical settings. This distress goes beyond normal nerves. While minor apprehension is common, true dental fear means avoiding checkups altogether or enduring them with intense unease. This leads to poor oral health and more invasive procedures becoming necessary – thus perpetuating the anxiety. Recognizing symptoms is the first step.

Overcoming Dental Fear at Emergency Dentist Edinburgh

Though deeply rooted anxious reactions cannot be simply wished away, there are constructive ways to ease distress surrounding dental care. These include:

Find an Understanding Dentist – Seek out dentists skilled at comforting anxious patients. Many offices offer amenities like distraction tools, sedation or therapy
animals to help patients relax.

Ask Questions and Voice Concerns – Don’t hold back from respectfully discussing worries about dental treatments. Clear understandings about what will happen removes assumptions potentially fuelling fear.

Set a Stop Signal – Agree with your dentist on a hand signal that will alert them to pause if you start feeling uncomfortable, giving you time to relax before continuing.

Try Sedation Dentistry – Oral, laughing gas or IV sedation can induce full or partial relaxation before intensive procedures. This helps dull nervousness.

Practice Mindfulness – Breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques help calm nerves. Visualize yourself calmly undergoing treatment.

Having a supportive dental team makes all the difference. Don’t avoid the dentist.
Communicating fears is the primary step to getting the care you need comfortably. While anxiety may never fully dissipate, the above tips can help foster trust and positive experiences.

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